We have greened and made lush many parts of New Delhi – some on a small scale and some on a really really large scale!

The mass greening: 

1.       The mass greening: The Ridge area behind Qutb – acres and acres of it – was greened with the help of Delhi schools and CRPF Jawans. It was a month long campaign in the 1994. We were responsible for the forest being returned to its ‘Reserve Forest’ status with the help of the Ministry of Environment and Forest. The Supreme Court took our reports to study the various encroachments on the area and take the actions necessary to restore the Ridge area to its green glory.

2.       Greening landfield site: Nicholson Range in the Delhi Cantt – this was a landfill for Delhi Cantt. The army had contacted us to convert landfill site into a green land. We composted all the garbage in the land with help of microbes and then we greened it using the manure that was generated from the composting!

3.      Greening individual yards: We greened many localities and parks as requested by the residents, companies.

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