Animals in general are not well cared for in our society. We’ve picked up on a few areas where the lack of care is jarring:

  • Lack of proper habitation, nutrition, health care and presence of animal teasers in the zoological parks
  • Street shows of birds, snakes, monkeys and other animals
  • Wild animals performing in circuses
  • Use of animals to test cosmetic products
  • getting along with the street dogs and cats,..


Vatavaran has a clear stand on welfare of animals 

  • ·       Zoos must have near natural habitats for animals.
  • ·       Animal teasers in the zoos must be penalised
  • ·       There must not be any street shows of snakes, monkeys or other animals.
  • ·       Caged birds must not be sold in the market.
  • ·       Circuses must be without animals.
  • ·       Testing on animals of any product must be replaced by in vitro research .

We also worked for the rehabilitation of monkeys. We believe that they should be restored to their natural habitat and not roam on city streets. We have undertaken translocation of monkeys of Vrindavan  and  monkeys of Sasthamkota - Kerala .  For management of commensal monkeys  the central and state governments have been consulting us. We firmly believe that the country has to have  a clear-cut policy , dos and don'ts of co-existing  with monkeys .

We’re also here to urge you to intervene if you see any violence against animals – whether they are being physically beaten or are deprived of amenities. Sometimes dogs are bred in the wrong environment (Huskies in New Delhi) and some are kept constrained in cages and chains for no reason. Either way – just call us and we’ll do our best to help you get justice for the poor animal!

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