• Vatavaran has given free consultancy to government for different issues and our consultancy led to policy changes in the following areas: 

1. Delhi Ridge

2. Plastic

3. Hospital waste

4. Slaughter houses

5. Blood banks


  • Maruti Suzuki requested Vatavaran to undertake work in the twin villages of Aliyar and Dhana on socio-environmental problems.1.

1. Collected data and prepared the report suggesting the way forward

2. Undertook awarness campagins on cleaninless and soft skill development. 

3.Street theatre to bring in the community involvment 

4. Street Art on "Clean Aliyar Dhana" to motivate people and a constent reminder of the message

5. Setting up a Cleaning Brigade 

6. Work in the progress


  • Vatavaran provides consultancy services to students, researchers, Corporate Houses as a part of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives performed with the firm belief that employees who go green and are aware would contribute more to profit enhancement. This could be done in any of the following ways:

a.       Adopting a waste collector’s family

b.       Building or providing shelters for waste collectors

c.       Reconstructing a community toilet

d.       Refurbishing and/or maintaining a park


Just contact us at and we’ll work something out!



The recent workshoop conducted are: 

1. Solid waste managment  and Waste to Art in DPS Sonipat

2. Sanitary waste and sustainable female hygiene in Bluebells School, Mata Sundri College, Lakshmi Bai College, Institute of Home Economics,  St's Stephens College and AIWC

3. Sustainable lifestyle in IIT Delhi

If you need us to come talk to you about anything to do with the environment, just email us – quickly! at 

We can talk, we can interact, we can educate and we can do very cool things like to teach you how to set up a paper plant and make your own recycled paper, or even dig up a vermipit using nice fresh red worms! We also conduct workshops on waste managment, sanitary waste, sustainable life style, 6 magical R's of sustainability and many more. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a school or an organization, the environment doesn’t mind! Call us!

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