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Dr.Ms.Iqbal Malik: Notified Delhi Ridge
2016-05-27 16:46:08

Dr.Ms. Iqbal Malik


Notified Delhi Ridge: Save the Natural Forest--The Lungs - The Life Line of a City.

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Delhi Ridge is an offshoot of the Aravalis. It’s an outcrop of metamorphosed quartzite or sedimentary sandstone rocks. It’s a forest. It’s a scrubland. It’s a wilderness. It’s a Morning Glory sucked by a purple Sunbird. It’s a Thorn Acacia with nests suspended by the Baya, or the Weaver Birds. It’s a jackal howling is boredom at the moon as traffic to Palam subdues. It’s a convoy of partridges exploding like clarion from a thorny, scrubby thicket. It’s the odd Chinkara, Bluebull or the lone Blackbuck still surviving in densely forested areas. It’s dry with green patches during summers, lush green in monsoons and during spring winter time (Holi time) it acquires hues of yellow and orange due to blooming of Dhak and Amaltas. 

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