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Dr. Ms. Iqbal Malik: Zero waste my way
2016-05-27 16:31:48

Dr.Ms. Iqbal Malik


Zero Waste My Way

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Mother earth, our country, our city and our street are all filthy with increased garbage.Unless we all take responsibility of the waste we produce we would get drowned in it. 
The book shows the Way Out .It has models to create Zero waste home, colony, bazars, villages, cities, country and mother earth. 
I have spent my life creating 'garbage dumps to flower beds , setting decentralised solid waste management schemes, created a replicable model for zero waste areas. The foreword of the book discusses 'from urban waste to urbane potential:harnessing the power of the city.' 
It demonstrates creation of zero waste colony, market, institutions etc. and Waste to resource in rural villages. 
It talks about before 'disposable culture' times, community involvement , upgrading the lives of waste pickers and making them waste managers. Our down to earth , Ghandian way to a zero waste is the only hope at this critical momemt when garbage has taken centre stage and suddenly every one is becoming conscious of it and Indian Government has made it its mission to clean up the country. It is one of the 22 countries where zero garbage cities are being created. 
The book enpowers individuals and society to take on the problem head on and guides towards a better cleaner earth.

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