For contacting specific members of our team, please see the Team page.

If you want to join Vatavaran or be-a-part in any way, please see the Join Us page, for figuring out the best mode of being with us / contacting us.


Thank you for your interest in Vatavaran! We always appreciate an extra pair of hands, brains and pockets. There are seven primary ways in which you can join us:

Volunteer with Vatavaran: In our organization, we expect volunteers to be a part of a team, and contribute as a contemporary. We respect the interests of the volunteers and assign them only that which interests them and is feasible for them depending on the time and effort they choose to give us. You can help us with fieldwork, with brainstorming, by taking up a project (your own, new or old) or you simply work with social media for us. If this is what you’re looking for, just fill up our Volunteer for Vatavaran form!

Join our Schemes: If you are an individual, a household, an organization, an institute, a school, a community or absolutely any other entity that would like to go green, just email us at info@vatavaran.org We can help you with Solid Waste Management, Sanitary waste, make you a part of our Cleaning Brigade, set up your Vermipits, teach your kids how to do it, plant trees in your locality, and help take care of your locality animals! And all you have to do is write in to us!

Research with us: Vatavaran is very proud to have the resources to mentor students in their research. Both Indian and foreign research students are welcome to apply. Most scholars are affiliated to other universities or are independent researchers. We welcome everyone to come and utilize our resources to produce material of academic interest. Write in to us at info@vatavaran.org

Intern with us: Vatavaran also invites students to come and do their semester or summer trainings with us. You can do your own short projects or join us on one of ours. Write in to us at info@vatavaran.org

Financial Assistance: We are a strictly not-for-profit organization. We work on the hope that people and organizations will believe in us and give us whatever they feel they can or should. If you are interested in helping us out monetarily, please write to us at info@vatavaran.org Yours will be the first mails that we will respond to :-p

Corporate Social Responsibility: If you’re any sort of company that either wants to (or needs to) go green to do their bit for the environment, we can help you help the earth. Based on what you need, we can figure a way out that works!

Either way, come give us a hand!

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