Prime Minister Narendra Modi: We are against animal culling!

Early this year Centre had issued notifications to permit culling of Nilgai and wild boar in Bihar and, rhesus monkeys in Himachal Pradesh. However because of a petition filed by an animal lover - Gauri Maulekhi Supreme Court on 15th June 2016 agreed to examine the validity of Centre's decision. Culling is not an Indian concept. However in western countries it is acceptable norm but it always is based on scientific data. The species in question is never called 'vermin'. There is selective hunting in selective areas for selective number of days. Inspite of that Vatavaran disagrees with this method of wild life management .In west also the non animal lovers call this 'hunting time' and look forward to it every year .We in India do not have the data on prey predator ratio in various states and unfortunately the decisions are always knee jerk reactions which we condem.

We believe that such inclusion of herbivore species as »vermin« spieces across number of states without carrying out a proper study with perspective of increasing number over time and the reasons for it is uncalled for. Therefore we urge you to denotify the animals included recently in various states as 'vermin' from immediate effect.

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Ministry of Health: We are against cow and pig insulin in India!

 In India, Insulin is still made from the cows or the pigs. Logic is given that we still need bovine insulin(in spite of the known cases of allergies, skin rashes & other problems)  as the poorest of the poor cannot afford costlier insulin despite its merits.  We demand that in India the only perfect copy of human insulin  must be made and be   available/ accepted by the diabetic patients.

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