1. Vatavaran is Setting up of Vermipits for locality and individuals as well as providing home composting system. For details see the store or contact us on  info@vatavaran.org

From garbage to garden!

Why vermi composting? 

Composting provides a solution to an issue of a great concern in many communities. All around the country, landfills are filling up! Composting provides a way not only of reducing the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of, but also of converting it into a manure which is excellent for gardening or house plants. In Vermi compost, earthworms are used to prepare compost from kitchen waste. Earth worms continuously feed upon the organic residues and produce casts. This casts is generally termed as vermi compost. Casts of earthworms are rich in nutrients and organic matter and therefore serves as a perfect source of manure for you home vegetables and plants. 



2. Green your period

There is one category of waste that makes everyone uncomfortable. It is the disposal of our sanitary waste. Mainly, these are used disposable diapers and feminine hygiene products.  With the addition of blood and faeces, these waste materials become dangerous for people, working in the waste management. They contain materials like cotton, a super absorbent polymer and plastic. .

The whole circle of producing and using these sanitary products is extremely non eco-friendly. We use precious resources like crude oil, trees and water. In the end, sanitary waste end up in a landfill since there is no option to dispose them safely.

There are many reusable options for both diapers and sanitary napkins. All of them are available in India. The switch from disposables into reusable is not only cheaper in the long run, but also has an impact on our health and environment.

Reusable cloth diapers

A solution for children sanitary is simple cloth diapers, which were a good practice in old days.  Parents are usually using the method of early toilet training for their child and cloth nappies help to signal wetness.  For parents that find cloth nappies difficult to use, alternative are reusable modern cloth diapers. These diapers have two parts, a water tight outer cover with washable cloth insert inside. 

The reusable cloth diapers reduce allergic skin reactions, prevents boy′s testicles from overheating, don’t smell, they are far cheaper than disposable; kids cannot take them off as easily as disposable, they are trendy and attractive.

Reusable cloth napkins and “Menstrual Cup”

For women there are at least two ways on how to use healthier and sustainable options for sanitary towels.  The first one is the “Menstrual Cup” which is made from silicone. It is a designed cup that collects the menstrual blood. Once it is full, the cup can simply be emptied into the toilet, cleaned and worn again. The second option is reusable sanitary napkins made from cloth. It is very similar to the disposable one. Cloth napkins provide absorbency by using many layers of cotton.

Vatavaran is organizing awareness programs and workshops to provide all important information for your switch to reusable women products. Till now we have reached to more than 800 women in the last few months and organized workshops in colleges and women institutions (Bluebells school international, St.Stephen’s college, AIWC, Mata Sundri College, College of home science...).


If you want to know more about these reusable products or you would like to organize a workshop on sanitary waste and eco friendly solutions write to us: info@vatavaran.org We will be happy to guide you!