Peaceful coexistence and responsibilities towards strays


                                                                                                   Understanding Stray Dogs – Vatavaran Awareness Campaign



Vatavaran Canine Companion's Model is to bring harmony between the stray dogs and residents .Our model protected under common rights is replicable in any colony.

Step 1: - We create a group  of interested residents and Vatavaran Volunteers  and study:   

  • Population Dynamics--Age & sex ratio
  •  Spatial distribution
  • Health condition along with the photograph of each dog  and create a digital album .


Step 2: - The group  creates awareness  amongst all from the locality  on how to  enjoy& adopt  /pay and co-exist with strays:

  • We  train families  who wish to adopt about the food, health, type of collar to be put and how to take their adopted stray to the veterinary doctor.
  • Request the families which wish to co-exist  to pay a certain amount of money to be spent on the food , health & neutering etc by some one interested but not in a financial position to be the care taker of the dog.

Stray dogs are perceived as a constant menace in our cities, and we understand that residents have a hard time dealing with their presence. Caring for stray dogs is not only good for the dogs themselves but also works as a safety measure for humans against contagious diseases.

Most free-roaming dogs belong to an ancient canine race known as the Pariah Dog, which has existed all over Asia and Africa ever since human beings started living in settlements. In India the breed has existed for perhaps 14,000 years or more. Much of the urban stray population consists of mongrels or mix-breeds.

Recently we started a Canine Companion campaign in Asian Games village. Follow us on Facebook and Vatavaran's blog to know more about it or join us at some of our activities!  write to us:



Here the Brownie's story begins - we found him in the bush in Asian Games village residental colony

Brownie was sick and starving


...and he was injured

Vatavaran volunteers and residents took care of Brownie and provided food and took him to veterinary



Brownie was adopted and with the time, he become a healthy and kind dog.  He is the best example of coexistence between Brownie and locals! 


Eight ways of Peacful coexistence with Stray dogs in your colony


1.       Never look a dog in his eyes, it can cause a dog to become violent or scared and pounce on you. If you find dog looking at your eyes, look away.

2.       Dont't pet any dog you come acroos.  Never touch someone else's dog unles you have permission from the owner of the dog.

3.       Don't bother dogs who are protecting their territory, give them enough space. Dogs territory ca be his yard, his home, his crate, doghouse, his toys, bones...

4.       If a dog comes out barking at you, do not »bark« back, stone, kick or hit with any stic. Stay calm, try calming the dog and slowly walk away.

5.       Running from a dog is a bad idea. When a dog sees someone or something run from them, they give chase. Its best to walk away from a dog.

6.       Dont bother dogs by getting close to thier face, walking right up to a dog siddenly or when they are eating or sleeping. Don't bother dogs by teasing them.

7.       Treat your dog with kindness and respect. Pet him and brush him with a gentle hand. Talk with a normal voice.

8.    Never stick your hand out for the dog to smell. However if a dog on its own tries smelling your hand – it should be open palm and do not panic.

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