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Vatavaran is a small (strictly) not-for-profit organization that has decided that it simply must be hands on about the betterment of the world around us.

We’re not sitting here for one issue or the other, but for fighting things that bother us in our everyday lives. Mostly, however, we work to reduce, remove and recycle waste. We also work with urban villages, employment issues, welfare of animals and people, and plant trees wherever we go.

Basically - we’re determined to make a difference.

Here are a few things that will give you an idea of who we are and what we do:

1.  Vatavaran started working in 1991 and was registered in 1994 by Dr. Iqbal Malik. *

2. We work with sensitivity, passion, commitment and use a multi-pronged, down to earth approach to stop exploitation of natural resources, excessive waste generation, disposable culture and to resolve problems like disorderliness, congestion, noise pollution, solid waste and sewage mismanagement, barren and desolate lands, water woes, unkempt historic structures and upkeep of the stray dogs in the areas we work in.

3. We are strictly not for profit

4. We believe in decentralization. We create models for people to replicate and spread the word with. This could relate to something as big as working with a whole urban village or teaching you how to make a vermin-pit. We promote self-sustenance.

5. We believe in fair trade. Everything we do is geared towards generating more for people (in terms of amenities, employment), and more for the environment (more trees, less waste).

6. We work for the upkeep of stray animals of the area work in. 

7.. Vatavaran works with individuals, communities, organizations, families, kids, teachers, fortunate, less fortunate, educated, not-so-educated, and anyone who wants to get their hands dirty!

8. We train, we teach, we maintain, we check up, and we also leave you to your devices when we know you’re good to go!

To put it simply, we want to live in an ideal world, where we give back what we consume from nature, where we don’t interfere in the natural workings of the environment, where we respect our ‘vatavaran’ and live in it, as a part of it, not trying to conquer and alter it all the time!

If there’s something you want to know about us and can’t find on the website, email us and we’ll try and get the information to you!

  • Cooridinator NGO Forum to save Delhi Ridge (Coordinated an ubrella body from 1991 to 1994, consisting of 21 NGO's of Dlehi to save Delhi Ridge, Delhi's only natural forest. Involved the masses in campagins and later the students helped in greening when in may 1994 Delhi Ridge finally became a Reserve Forest. The forum was dissolved. 
  • Trained, helped, launched and monitored waste managment as an income generating activity in Vikas Nagar, a low income settelment colony, sponsored by Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. 
  • Guided A study of Knowledge, attitude and behavior of school going children towards polyhene bags for postgraduate diploma programe in communications sudent of Mudra Institute of Communication Ahemedabad. 
  • Recieved "Global 100 Best Practices" Awards for our work - Eco Development, managment, conservation and policy reform hrough individual and community participation by UNCHS (Nation Cell for Human Settelments) IN YEARS 2000 AND 2006
  • Recieved Distinguished Service ward by H.E A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in 2008 organized by Rotary International
  • Green NGO award from Student Union Jawaharlal Nehru University





Dr. Ms. Iqbal Malik, Founder & Executive Director

Dr. Iqbal Malik, an action woman with a multi-faceted personality, flamboyant appearance and a mission to reach out to people, works for a fair, equal, environmentally conscious, self-sustaining society. She has 35 reports, many book chapters and over 300 popular articles in Indian and international Newsprint to her credit

Her concerns are vast. Poor garbage management and the increasing use of plastics upsets her. So does noise and vehicular pollution or carelessly discarded hospital syringes and bandages which return to medical system in fresh packages, or Indian blood banks selling infected blood. Malik is a phenomenon because she is a doer. Though she has given over 200 talks on radio, television, universities, schools, communities, clubs, and corporate houses, Iqbal is a shy, hard working, warm, compassionate, well-traveled, innovative person determined to lead a model life.

She is the first woman primatologist in India who chose the wild monkeys as her subject for her doctorate. When the whole country was talking about langurs as the answer to monkey problems, she, as member Wildlife Board of India, was the lone voice who said the langur experiment was another of the government's many mistakes. She has spent 30 years studying and rehabilitating monkeys. She has the privilege of being the founder member of CPCSEA (Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals), CZA (Central Zoo Authority) and Vatavaran NGO. She is famous in India. Apart from being written about, tens of thousands viewers have seen her talking of her concerns on TV.

Dr. Shamsher Singh Babra, Advisor Director


Ex - policy advisor, The World Bank, Washington DC. An activist who always stood agains the wrongs in the society, the senior member of Vatavaran team, a Freedom fighter. Dr. Shamsher Singh Babra is an eminent Economist. He was with the World Bank where he served in an eminent position for 26 years. He has also been Economic Advisor to Governments of various countries. He has authored several books including "Unblossomed Bud". Caring deeply for the environment, he is disturbed by the plundering of natural resources and the increased use of chemicals in our food chain.

Ms. Seema Arora,  Chief Advisor 

Associate Director, Institutional donor Relations, Clinton Health Access initiative.Seema Arora has been with the Clinton Foundation Health Access Initiative (CHAI) for five years, working across a number of program areas including increasing access to HIV/AIDS medicines and emergency foods for malnourished children across Asia and Africa. Currently, she is a Partner Relationship Manager at CHAI, interacting with major donors and supporting CHAI’s fundraising efforts. Prior to CHAI, Seema worked for L.E.K. Consulting, a London-based management consulting firm, where she consulted on projects ranging from biotechnology to publishing. She also interned with the United Nations Development Program in South Africa and focused on HIV/AIDS programming. Seema is a graduate of Wellesley College and Harvard University, where she received a master’s degree in international development. She currently resides in New York City. Member hink tank about Vatavaran. Guiding Vatavaran on greening urban infrastructure. 

Seema Arora: "I am just the result of all of the important influences in my life - All of you have spent your lives trying to improve the world; is it any surprise that I want to do the same? 

But in addition to all of your influences, I think part of it is also that my first job outside of college was for a private sector company, where we worked so hard for such silly things - helping companies decide how to expand their businesses, and ultimately how to make more money. All of that work just for money always seemed like such a waste of effort to me. I understand the importance of money - I'm not that idealistic, but I just wasn't motivated by it."

Mr. Kamlesh Kumar,  Expert: Greening 

Mr. Kumar is the more generous person one could meet – both with his patience and his expertise. He is of course known for his green thumbs and his ability to turn anything barren into lush green space. He helps us with our composting, with daily care of plants, healthy saplings, and everything green and organic.

Mr. Gautam Grover, Expert: stray animals

Mr. Grover is a well-known canine expert and has worked relentlessly for the safety and well being of little puppies and big brutes. He has also written a book chapter on First Aid measures for canines. His knowledge and passion are of course, inspiring, but what really means the most to us is his willingness to spare his time and other resources.

Ms. Kadambari Rana, advisor

A socially conscious and highly motivated economics graduate from St. Stephens college, Delhi university, Kadambari has been involved in striving for a fair and equal society. She went on to complete her masters in international economics and finance from Cardiff university, U.K, and since has been working in the social sector in various organizations, working for the empowerment of women and young girls by creating sustainable, replicable, educational and vocational training programmes. Having been engaged in intensive research in integral education at Sri Aurobindo society, Kadambari is passionate about working for an integral basic education system and has been part of such projects in rural Tamil villages. She is currently pursuing her passion for education as a teacher in one of the reputed schools in Delhi.

With her primary and secondary education in a progressive, experimental school, Kadambari was exposed to a rooted way of progress and this has stayed with her all along. Born in a family that has deep rooted respect for mother nature, practising and promoting environmentally friendly methods of farming, Kadambari got progressively involved in striving for a fair and self sustaining environment. She has felt all along her true calling is working for the country and its people at the grassroots level and is determined to put her views and current knowledge into action. In the year 2013, Kadambari set up Kailash foundation, in memory of her late mother Kailash Rana. The ngo aims at promoting education for all, at all levels.

Adittee Garg, Managing Director

Adittee Garg a sculptor cum environment activist was a dreamer since childhood. A Masters in Business Administration - finance she worked for corporate sector in auto finance for 5 years but to fulfill her desire to be a full time sculpture she joined BFA from Banaras Hindu University. Her work got noticed immediately as she participated twice in AIFACS and then in a group show organized by Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, at Rashtrapati Bhavan where she was awarded a memento for being the youngest artist.

During her journey as a sculpture she came closer to nature and recognized the differences between natural and man made mediums. She developed medical problems because of the polluting effects of man made mediums and started campaigns for the use of natural mediums.

After joining Vatavaran as a volunteer she became an activist to save nature, reject plastics and popularize decentralized solid waste management. At present Adittee Garg is the Managing Director of Vatavaran and believes that 'art' brings people close to nature and make them lead a simple life.

Katja Polc, Volunteer

Katja Polc is country side girl from Slovenia. She did her graduation in Geography and Education studies from Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

She first came to India in 2014 under European Volunteer Service. The hosting organization was Etasha Society based in Delhi. The project she worked on was "We feel Slovenia and India: International volunteering for active citizenship". She taught English, Basic computer skills as a part of Global Education amongst the economically and socially under privileged youngsters.

During her one year stay here she found her to be a part of India . So, she returned back. Found Vatavaran- an activism oriented NGO to continue her work in the field of environmental action and sustainable lifestyle.

At present she is participating in the projects on sanitary waste, conducting environmental workshops in the schools and is helping the organization with social media.

Raghav Saraswat, Volunteer

Raghav Saraswat is a living example of an earth friendly existence he does not believe in having any visiting cards or any position in the organization.  He joined Vatavaran quite a few years back as a passionate volunteer working for the betterment of the trees, the birds, the bees and all life forms. For him theoretical knowledge and practical application goes hand in hand.

At present he is involved in ' Zero Waste Aliyar Dhana ', Tree census, Sustainable life styles, hospital waste management, and animal welfare.  He is not only passionate about discussing socio environmental issues but also a front runner in all field based work. You will usually see him talking with waste managers and having chai with locals.

Raghav has a master degree in Environmental studies(Thesis: 'Human- rhesus macaque conflict in Northern India ') from TERI University. He is perusing Law degree from Delhi University and is Volunteer in Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, MoEF (2015-16)

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