Join Us !

Masti Ki Pathshala

First Meeting Rhizome

As suggested by National Geography we are all going to travel to ‘off the beaten path’ AGAR, stay with locals and help local economy.
Here is the timetable of our 1st Meet.

13th February

3 pm Onwards:
Ceremonial Welcome and Introductions
Watching sunset from hills and planting seed bombs
Bonfire, musical evening and dinner

14th February

10 am Onwards:
Presentation by Sparks.
Sparks show casing, donating and selling their products.
Working Lunch
Making Seed Bombs
Menstrual Hygiene
Sculpture making
Street theatre
Star gazing and dinner

15th February

10 am Onwards:
Educational Community art work on every surface of Masti ki Paathshala adding colour , life and usefulness to the place
Working Lunch
Visit rain water harvesting structures & carpet weaving
Rajasthani Dinner with folk music and dance

16th February

10 am Onwards:
Visit Sariska National Park
Closing ceremony & Oath taking at Sariska Guest House
Closing Lunch

Lets change the monochromatic surroundings of Agar/ Masti Ki Pathshala to a colourful, lively place by the collective’s effort of all and may our travel be safe and compassionate.